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How to Get M416 Glacier Skin (Permanently) for Free in BGMI



How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

M146 Glacier Skin is the only gun in Battlegrounds Mobile India that holds its popularity for years. The gamer who has the M416 Glacier Skin wants to upgrade it to the maximum level. On the other hand, gamers without M416 Glacier Skin are trying all possible ways in BGMI to get the gun. We know the pain of not being available to have the one you want the most. Here are some of the tips and tricks you can try out to maximize the chance of getting Glacier skin in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Where can I Get M416 Glacier Skin

Right now, the only possible way to get M416 glacier skin is via the Classic Crate. There are 2 possible ways to open a classic crate in BGMI.

How to Get Classic Crate Coupon/Classic Crate Coupon Scrap in BGMI

There are several possible ways to get the classic crate coupons in Battlegrounds Mobile India. They are Classic Crate Coupon scrap and from Rewards.

  • Classic crate coupons scrap can be bought from the Shop >> Redeem section using silver. You can buy up to 5 scraps per day. Each scrap cost about 20 silver. Collecting and combining 10 classic crate coupon scrap gives one classic crate coupon.
  • You can also get classic crate coupon scraps from the clan shop. Go to Up arrow icon >> Clan >> Shop and here you can buy scrap. You can get a maximum of 3 classic coupon scraps per week. It cost about 30 clan points and to get the coupon scrap your clan should be at Level 5.
  • On Completing the weekly activity mission, you can get 3 classic crate coupon scraps every week.
  • Finish the achievements that have classic crate coupons or scrap as the reward.
  • Every season, there will be lots of events conducted with variety of rewards to collect or redeem from. By completing the event mission
  • You can also buy classic crate from the BGMI shop using 12 UC for one scrap.

How to Increase the Possibility of Getting M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

It is important to have at least 10 classic crates coupons or 1080 UC to get something Lengendary or mythic from the Classic crate. Here is the list of things you can do to increase the chance/possibility/luck of getting M416 glacier skin.

  • Don’t wear any clothes or any item on your player while opening the Classic crate.
  • Use the default game male/female character while opening the classic crate.
  • Upon opening the classic crate, don’t skip the flare and drop animation.
  • Open the Classic crate one by one instead of clicking Open 10 times.
  • Always open the classic crate when there is an indication of Chance ^ (up arrow).
  • While open crate choose only the M146 glacier and remove all other item from the classic crate list.
  • Best Time to open Classic Crate is between 12 AM to 7 AM where you have more chance of getting something legendary because of fewer player online.

Classic Crate Odds

Mythic ItemMythic Outfits and skins0.5%
Legendary ItemNormal outfits, backpack skins, pan skins, helmet skin, M416 glacier skin2.4%
Epic ItemShoes, Pants, T-shirt, Cap, Mast, and parachute skin22.09%
Rare ItemSilvers and Graffiti75%

M416 Glacier Skin Levels

Glacier – M416 (Level 1): Basic Appearance

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

This is the basic skin of the M416 glacier, which you get upon opening the classic crate or from any in-game rewards.

Glacier – M416 (Level 2): Finish Effect

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

In Level 2 of glacier skin, you will get a snowy effect after finishing the enemy. This can be upgraded by using 25 paints and 2 materials.

Glacier – M416 (Level 3): Advanced Form

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

This is the advanced form of M146 Glacier skin which gives a more icy look from the basic appearance. This can be level up by using 40 paints and 3 materials.

Glacier – M416 (Level 4): Finish Message

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

At Level 4, the finish message upon killing an enemy in the game has an ice and snow animation. This can be level up by using 55 paints and 4 materials.

Glacier – M416 (Level 5): On-hit Effect

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

By upgrading to Level 5, every hit on the enemy will have ice-breaking and snowy-like animation. This can be upgraded by using 70 paints and 5 materials.

Glacier – M416 (Level 6): Final Form

Fully Update M416 Glacier skin

This is the final form of the fully icy M416 Glacier gun skin. This can be upgraded by using 80 paints and 6 materials.

Glacier – M416 (Level 7): Loot Crate

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI

In Level 7, the enemies’ death crate will look like a snowman built on the ice with gifts and snowfall. This can be upgraded by using 100 paints and 7 materials.

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