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How to Get AG (Ace Gold) in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]



How to Get AG in BGMI

AG is the second premium currency in Battlegrounds Mobile India after UC. It is used to buy or redeem various items in BGMI like the crate, skin, outfits, and many more. If you have more AG (Ace Gold) in your BGMI account, spend it wisely, as there are only limited resources available in BGMI to earn AG. In the upcoming article, let’s see all the possible ways to spend and get AG in BGMI.

Way to Get AG in Battlegrounds Mobile India

There are more than one possible way to earn AG in BGMI, and they are

  • Events
  • Missions
  • Clan

Get AG for Free in BGMI via Events

Events  How to Get AG in BGMI

Every season, BGMI offers a variety of events based on the season theme and tons of rewards along with it. To collect AG from the event, you need to complete the designated task to collect AG directly, or you can collect the item by exchanging the reward.

Get AG in BGMI via Missions

Missions - How to Get AG in BGMI

Completing daily missions and achievements is another simple way to earn Ace Gold in BGMI. In every daily mission, you can earn up to 25 AG’s, and in some achievement missions, you have the chance of getting AG for free.

Get AG via Clan

If you are a member of any clan in BGMI, you can get AG for free based on your clan’s weekly performance. For this, your clan needs to complete the weekly clan energy objective. Upon completing the weekly objective, you can get up to 150 AG.

Clan Ag - How to Get AG in BGMI

To improve clan energy, you need to play lots of classic mode matches with better performance. You can team up and play with the clan member to earn extra clan energy.

How to Spend AG (Ace Gold) in BGMI

There are two ways in which you can spend AG in Battlegrounds Mobile India. They are

  • Shop
  • Supply Crate

Spend AG in Shop

[1] Tap on the Shop icon from the home screen.

[2] Inside the Shop, go to Redeem section from the left panel.

Shop icon

[3] Select the item you wish to buy or redeem.

Redeem -How to Get AG in BGMI

[4] Tap on the Golden button to purchase the item.

[5] Change the currency from UC to AG.


[6] Choose any of the available plans like 7d, 30d, or permanent.

[6] Click on Purchase to add the item to your inventory.

Spend AG in Supply Crate

Open Once/Open 10 times

Related Guide: BGMI Redeem Code and a guide to redeem the code from the center.

Apart from the BGMI Shop, you can use your AG to open the supply crate. Tap on the Crate icon >> Supply crate >> Open once/Open 10 times.

  • Open once – 300 AG
  • Open 10 times – 2700 AG

Thank you for reading the article. Hope you find a way to earn and spend UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.


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