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How to Get BP in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]



How to Get BP in BGMI

Battle Points (BP) is the coin currency in Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India. We mostly use AG, Silver, Classic Crate Coupon, Supply Crate Coupon, and Platinum Crate Coupon in BGMI the most. But none of us may haven’t noticed that we may have more BP in your BGMI profile than any other, which remains unused by many users. Every BGMI player who plays the game for at least six months should have more than 25000 BP in his game account. If you want more or spend the available BP, here is our detailed guide on how to get and spend BP in BGMI.

Ways to Get/Earn BP in BGMI

Battle Points (BP)

There are four possible ways to earn BP (Battle Points) in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). They are

  • From Missions
  • Finishing games (any mode)
  • Events
  • Royal Pass Mission

From Missions

From the Missions section, you can collect BP daily just by logging in followed by completing some simple Daily Mission available. Apart from the Daily Mission, you have Progress Missions and Achievements. By attaining each level in the Progress Mission, you will get BP’s along with some rewards. Under Achievements, you can find lots of Achievements missions completing which you can earn the title for your profile and achievement display. Also, you will get BP for some particular achievement mission.

Finishing games (any mode)

How to Get BP in BGMI - End of game reward

Upon completing every game in Battlegrounds Mobile India, it can be classic, arcade, or Arena mode, you will receive some amount of BP and experience based on your game performance. This BP is provided based on your surviving skills, loot, kills, and many more factors.


On every season, you can find lots of amazing events in which you can participate, complete missions, and earn rewards. By completing those event missions, you can get BP as a reward or you can collect BP by exchange the item collected from the events (if available). Even if the season event doesn’t have the BP as a reward under any section, you can always find BP under the Weekly Sign-in section. To get BP, you need to Sign-in on Day 2 (Tuesday), Day 4 (Thursday), and Day 6 (Saturday). If missed, you can still collect it by Retro Sign-in using some BP.

Royal Pass Mission

Also, you can get BP by completing the Royal Pass mission. Upon completing every Royal Pass level, you will get some rewards, and these rewards include BP in it. Mostly you will find BP as the reward in the beginning stage of Royal Pass mission rewards.

Ways to Spend BP in BGMI

Even though you can have lakhs and crores of BP (Battle Points) in your BGMI account, there are only fewer ways available to spend it. They are

  • Soldier’s Crate
  • Change or Modifying Default Character
  • Gifting to Friends

Soldier’s Crate

The Soldier’s crate is the most effective way of spending BP’s in BGMI. From the Soldier’s crate, you have a 100% chance of getting permanent items or Classic crate coupon scrap to your inventory. You can even convert your BP to Silver fragments by dismantling the items received from the Soldier’s crate.

Soldier's crate - How to Get BP in BGMI

Soldier’s crate cost 700 BP for the first opening and then every crate opening the price will be increased, which means the price of the initial crate is 700 BP, the next crate is 1400 BP (700 BP + 700 BP), next one is 2800 BP (1400 BP + 1400 BP), and so on. The amount will be refreshed back to 700 BP at the end of the day.

Customize or Modifying Default Character

Customize character - How to Get BP in BGMI

You can modify or customize your default character’s gender, face, hair, hair color, facial hair, and facial hair color using BP. These are prices for every customization to default character.

  • Gender – 1000 BP
  • Face/Face Color – 1000 BP
  • Hair – 500 BP
  • Hair Color – 500 BP
  • Beard – 500 BP
  • Beard Color – 500 BP

Gifting to Friends

Finally, you can also gift or send BP to your friends just by tapping on the friend’s profile picture and choose to Send BP. Sending BP to friends is one of the most common missions which you may find eventually in the Events or Missions section.

Gift Friend - How to Get BP in BGMI

Note: You can send BP to friends with no connection. If you have a connection, you can send or gift AG to them and not BP.

Thank you for reading the article. These are some of the simple ways to earn and spend BP in Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.


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