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How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI for Free



Every Battlegrounds Mobile India player who has been playing the game for some time will have at least 25000 BP (Battle Points). These Battle points (BP) are not used much inside the game like we use Silver, AG, or UC. But what if I say that with BP, you can get some silver coins for free? Yes, with a smart and simple trick, you can easily convert your BP to silver fragments in BGMI. If you have no idea how to do it, then continue reading the article.

How to View My BP (Battle Points) in BGMI

BP icon

You can view your BP in several ways.

  • From shop
  • From inventory
  • From crate

All you need to do is go to any of the above-mentioned sections from your home screen. Then, you can find the BP (Battle points) count displayed on the top of that section.

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How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

Once you find the number of BP available in your Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) profile is more than 700, then continue the step below. If not, play more games in BGMI to earn more BP.

[1] Click on the Crate section from the home screen.

[2] Choose Soldier’s Crate from the right panel.

[3] Tap on Open Once to purchase the soldier’s crate with 700 BP.

Purchase Crate - How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

[4] Then tap on OK in the pop-up to purchase and open the crate.

[5] Upon opening, you will receive some rewards based on your luck.

Note: In a soldier’s crate, there will be no Mythic, Legendary, Epic, or rare item be found. Only basic items will be rewarded in the soldier’s crate.

[6] Click on OK to close or Again to open the crate once again.

How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

[7] While choosing the OK menu, tap on Open Once to open the crate again.

But this time, the crate will be priced as 1400 BP. For every crate, opening the price will be increased at the price of before opened crate, which means starting from 700 BP, it goes like 1400 BP (700 BP + 700 BP) followed by 2800 BP (1400 BP + 1400 BP), and so on.

[8] Once purchased, go to your Inventory section.

[9] Click on Dismantle from the left side menu.


Note: If you don’t see the menu in the left-hand corner, expand it by tapping on the Up arrow icon.

[10] In the Dismantle section, you can find all the items like Set, Hat, pants, shoes, etc., that are available more than once in your inventory.

Item to dismantle

[11] Click on Select All to select all the duplicate or repeated items in your inventory.

Select All - How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

Note: At least 1 of every item will be kept, including the equipped items. None of your existing single items or clothes will be dismantled.

[12] Click on Dismantle button.

[13] It will show you the notice of how many Silver Fragments will be received for dismantling the items.

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[14] Click on OK to proceed with the dismantling process.

ok - How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

[15] Now, you will receive the silver fragments to your BGMI account.

Silver fragments - How to Convert BP to Silver Fragments in BGMI

This is how you can get or convert BP to silver fragments in BGMI easily. With Silver fragment, you can buy or redeem lots of items in Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.


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