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How to Unfriend/Remove Friends in BGMI [Battlegrounds Mobile India]



How to Unfriend/Remove Friends in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a popular game in which you can play with your friends or even alone to win a chicken dinner. The game is filled with lots of fun events and challenging missions to get various rewards. In some game missions/events, you will be asked to complete them with friends. In that case, you may have added lots of unknown people to your friend list. This sometimes results in continuous and annoying requests, messages in chatrooms, and many more. To avoid this, you can unfriend the particular person from your BGMI friend list. Follow the steps below to remove friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Steps to Unfriend/Remove Friends in BGMI

[1] Launch Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Smartphone.

[2] On the home screen, click on the Friends section below your profile name.

Home screen - How to Unfriend in BGMI

[3] Under the Friends section, click on the Menu icon in the top right corner.

[4] Tap on Batch Manage from the expanded menu.

batch Manage - How to Unfriend in BGMI

[5] Check the box next to the profile you wish to remove.

Select Friends

[6] Click on the Delete button at the bottom.

[7] Confirm the deletion process by clicking on OK.

Delete Friends

[8] Now the selected friends will be removed from your friend list.

You can add the removed friends anytime again to your friend list by sending a request. If you looking to add more friends to your Battlegrounds Mobile India friends list, check out our guide for how to add friends in BGMI. It is always vital to add the known people to your friend’s list.

Thank you for reading the article. Hope you have found how to manage your Battlegrounds Mobile friends list. If you have any queries or issues, let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to provide a solution for all your queries. For more BGMI updates, articles, and guides, visit


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