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How to Join Custom Room in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)



How to Join custom room in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the PUBG Mobile variant launched in India after a year-long ban. There are several modes, gameplay, rewards, mission, etc. available within the game which keeps you engaged. Likewise, Custom Room is one such thing you can create on Battlegrounds Mobile India. It helps you to limit the players in your game as per your need. These rooms can be used on various events like tournaments, friendly matches, and many more. In our previous article, we have discussed how to create a custom room in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here, let’s see how to join a custom room in BGMI.

Steps to Join Custom Room in Battlegrounds Mobile India

To join a custom room, you need to have the room ID of an active room created. Also, if the room has any passwords, then you need that too. You can share the credentials via an external messaging application or using the in-game chatroom. After acquiring all the required credentials, follow the steps below to join a room instantly.

[1] Launch Battlegrounds Mobile India on your smartphone.

[2] Click on Select Mode on top of the Start button.

Select Mode - How to Join Custom Room in BGMI

[3] Here, choose Room from the left panel.


[4] At the top, choose either an ordinary room or a tournament room.

Enter Room ID

[5] Now, enter the Room ID in the text bar and click on Enter.

Room ID - How to Join Custom Room in BGMI

[6] If you have a room password, enter it on the pop-up and click on Enter Room.

Enter Room password

Note: If the room does not have any password, you will directly enter into the custom room.

[7] Once you entered the room, you will be assigned to some random team.

Custom Room - How to Join Custom Room in BGMI

[8] You can change or move to your desired team by tapping on the blank section under that team.

[9] Now, you have successfully joined a custom room in BGMI.

Once joined, you have to wait until the host starts the game. Also, each room will be expired in two hours from the time when the room is created.

How to Be Spectator in A Room Match in BGMI

To be a spectator in a room match, first of all, you need to join the custom room with the steps mentioned above. Once entered the room,

[1] Expand the Spectator section at the bottom of the Room.

Spectator - How to Join Custom Room in BGMI

[2] Double-tap on the profile icon to enroll as Spectator.

Join spectator

[3] Now you will be the spectator in the room.

Note: There can be only two spectators in a Room match.

The spectator of the room match can be the conductor, host, or commentator. Because spectators have access to go anywhere across the map with an eagle view and spectate any player with complete details about their inventory.

How to Join Custom Room in BGMI Without Room ID and Password

When you don’t have any room ID or password, you can join any public open room available. These open rooms can be found under the Room section listed. You can join those rooms just by tapping on the room without a lock icon. Because to join the room with the lock icon, you need the password of the particular room. Also, there is no possible way to force enter yourself in any password-protected room.

Join Public Room

Thank you for reading the article. Hope this guide helps you join a custom room in no matter of time. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.


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