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How to Get DeadEye (Sharpshooter) Title in BGMI



How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI

DeadEye is one of the most popular titles in Battlegrounds Mobile India. To achieve this title, you need to prove your sniping skills with three headshots in a row. It may sound simple, but actually, it’s not. To complete this achievement title mission, you need to have the best snipping skill. Even if you are not good with snippers, we are here to tell you how to get the Deadeye (Sharpshooter) title in the BGMI in the easiest possible way. So gear up for some sniping action.

Sharpshooter (Deadeye Title) – Rules

Here are some of the rules you need to know before getting your sharpshooter title.

How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI
  • You should play Solo match in Classic mode.
  • Kill 3 Enemies in a row by headshot (any gun).
  • The Enemy should be at a distance of 50 Meter or more.
  • Your should be in the platinum tier or above in Classic solo mode.

How to Get Deadeye (Sharpshooter) Title in BGMI

Step 1: According to the rules, you need to be in the platinum tier or above to receive the Deadeye title. For that, you need to play more Solo games in the particular season until your reach the platinum tier. It is best to start playing solo at the beginning of the season and don’t start at the near end of the season. If the season ends, you may need to start the tier from the start.

Platinum - How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI

Step 2: Once you reach the platinum tier, you are eligible for the Sharpshooter achievement mission. Here are some of the simple tricks to achieve the Deadeye title in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI

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Trick 1

[1] Start a Solo Classic Mode game in BGMI.

[2] Land somewhere far away from the flight location.

[3] Find any Sniper gun in the game.

[4] Find the enemy, and don’t forget to execute the enemy with a perfect headshot.

[5] If you made three headshot kills in a row according to the rule.

Headshot - How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI

[6] You will be given the deadeye title once you are out of the classic game.

Trick 2

Gather your friend together and open BGMI. Set all your game modes to classic solo on any map. Click on Start at the same time. If you have ten friends gathered together, at least three people have the chance to be in the same lobby. Make sure you are in the same lobby by meeting up at some location within the lobby. If not, try again and again until you got at least one of your friends.

Squad - How to Get DeadEye Title in BGMI

If you have three friends in the same lobby, then all three land at the same location. Then finish your friends one by one with headshots in a row. That’s it. You have got your deadeye title.

If you have one friend, go somewhere far away on your map. Gather some guns and ask your friend to find bots within the game. Once spotted, ask your friend to attack the bot slightly by hand or pistol to reduce its health but don’t kill. Once some shot or punch is made, pick your sniper or any gun and move to a distance more than 50 meters, like 80 or 100 meters, as a precaution. To find the distance use the “mark the location” guide from the in-game message wheel. Aim the bot at the head and finish it. For the third kill, kill your friend, and that’s it.

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Tips and Things to Remember

  • If you have no friend at the lobby/game, it is best to hide and wait to kill the enemy until you got the perfect shot.
  • Use silencer attached gun to remain anonymous and survive until you finish three perfect kills.
  • It is best to have some sniper guns for quick and one-shot execution. You can also choose Automatic sniper rifles but don’t prefer shotgun or pistol or even AR guns.
  • Always aim for the hit. If you miss one shot in the three, you need to start again.
  • After two continuous shots, be more cautious by taking cover, moving to the safe zone faster, etc.
  • Before shooting enemies, make sure you are safe and can complete the execution fully with a headshot.
  • Don’t attack or shot the moving target. You may miss the headshot by hitting the shoulder or neck which is not considered a headshot.

Thank you for reading the article. Hope this article helps you get the deadeye title in BGMI. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.


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